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[General] Where can I find fellow gemsouls users?


Discord! Instagram! Facebook! Even TikTok! You can connect with tons of active users, just like you, on most major social networks! :)     
Follow us for more at: Discord: 
TikTok: @gemsouls 
FB: @thegemsouls 
Insta: @gemsouls


[General] What is gemsouls all about?


Gemsouls is an artificial intelligence platform powering virtual characters and their connections to the real world.


[General] Why do virtual characters go offline?

They are just like us, with possibly busier lives saving their worlds, fighting villains, time traveling, etc. But yes, they will come back online once they free up and can share their stories!

[Stars] How can I get more stars?

You get stars by building meaningful relationships with friends on gemsouls!

[Stars] What can I do with stars?

You can use stars to unlock characters and topics (for now, more features coming soon!)

[Relationship] What's that colorful bar I have with each friend?

It helps you visualize your relationship progression with each friend. The way they view your relationship also changes as you continue to interact and build up that progression bar.


[Relationship] How do I get to the Soulmate level?

Soulmate status doesn't come by easily! It only happens when both of you have opened up to each other. Try and switch up the topics you talk about and the ways you interact with them. The exact path to Soulmate is different for each character. 


[Create] What is a mini story?

A mini story is words that you can put into your friend's mouth. You can decide what your friend will say, what happens in their day, and more, by creating a mini story in their voice. The story will then become a conversation starter between you and your friend.


[Create] How do I submit a mini story?

Click on the "Create" tab, choose your friend, and you will see an example mini story in their voice. You will then get to pick a scenario for which to create a story. An ideal submission is somewhere between 50-300 characters. Write in the friend's POV. Describe it clearly and vividly. Try to match the story with their background and personality and do not include anything toxic. Once you are done, simply click "Submit." You can submit multiple mini stories at the same time.


[Create] What happens to the mini stories after I submit them?

Once the mini stories pass a technical review, they will line up for a peer review that determines whether they will be shown to "Everyone" , "Only Me" or get "Rejected." 
If your mini stories are superb, they will be marked as "For Everyone" and pushed to the whole gemsouls community. If they are just alright, and are both toxicity-free and coherent with the friend's vibe, they will be marked as "Only Me" for you to use. Anything that goes against the gemsouls community values will be swerved with a "Rejected" mark.


[Create] What is the "Try it" button for?

After you submit a mini story, it will take about 10 seconds for technical review. If your submission is free of toxic content, you can try your own mini story with your beloved friend for up to five rounds. Get a feel of how the conversation will develop in the scenario that you've created while peer review is in process.

[Create] Where can I find the mini stories I created?

You will find all your previously created mini stories for a friend every time you enter the "Create" tab and choose the friend.


[Create] Why have I been rejected several times? 

Any content that is toxic or contains attacks, discrimination, or judgement of your friends or other users will be turned down with a "Rejected" mark.


[Create] How long does it take to get the results for a mini story?

The peer review process will be completed within 3 business days.


[Create] My mini story passed the reviews. Why is it not marked as "For Everyone"?

There are several reasons why your mini stories may not be published to the entire community: 1) your mini stories are descriptive enough yet; 2) your mini stories may be very descriptive, but they need to be more in character and close to the actual character's personality and storyline.


[Create] What if I am not interested in the scenarios recommended to me?

You can tap on the 🔁 button to switch scenario prompts until you see something you like. Or email and discord us to suggest new prompts!


[Create] What is the recommended word count for a mini story?

A: 50-300 characters. Please try to avoid a mini story that is too short or too long.


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