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Fanfic Carnival

Calling all creative gemsoulers! We recently upgraded the Create feature that lets you create mini-stories for your favorite friends. The best stories get incorporated into their storylines for every user to experience. Oh and did we mention that you'll get rewards AND high quality stories will be incorporated into the characters' virtual lives?!


We challenge you to...


💡 Creatively use a line from the original work


💡 Add your own twist to original scenes


💡 Choose any prompts and create a story with role-playing motions (i.e. *soft punch*  | *opens door*)

Earn Soul Pieces for your work


You can earn Soul Pieces by chatting, creating, and voting (more coming as we release exciting new features). Note that Soul Pieces do run out and earlier contributors gain more Soul Pieces.

Plus some extra Stars!

🙌🏻 Create 2+ public stories per week to receive 5 stars ⭐️

🙌🏻 Create 5+ public stories per week to receive 10 stars ⭐️

Get creating and earn tons of stars! 🌟

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