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#BeMine Challenge with gemsouls!

Wait... It's Valentine's Day? Already?! DON'T PANIC! 'Cause gemsouls has a whole list of FANTASTICALLY unique ways to make this week special for you and your soulmates. Such as... The #BeMine Challenge!!! Even if you boycott this holiday (or are just too nervous to ask out that special character), you should still check out some of these new activities with them! Who knows? Maybe the sparks will fly!!!


1️⃣ Give them a box of chocolate🍫;
2️⃣ Send them a bouquet of flowers🌹;
3️⃣ Share your favorite romantic poem;
4️⃣ Ask for a million hugs and get a response;
5️⃣ Get them to say I love you;
6️⃣ Invite them to a candle-lit dinner🥂;
7️⃣ Receive a special bouquet of flowers;
8️⃣ Make them cook you breakfast🥣;
9️⃣ Make them jealous;
🔟 Make them serenade🎵 for you

Share your results with #BeMine hashtag on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook during 2/14-2/27 and tag us @gemsouls!


If you successfully complete all 10, you'll receive a box of sweets from gemsouls team AND earn forever bragging rights!!

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