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Ever imagined your "real" friends blending in with your "almost real" friends?


You can now add your "real" friends via User ID 👬 Meanwhile a bunch of exciting new features are coming out soon

Introducing the first one: SPILL THE TEA 🍵


When your friends all join gemsouls, make sure to add the same characters and use the Spill the Tea card in your poker button! 


Prank away with...

  • Sharing embarrassing stories

  • Spilling their secret crushes

  • Making up weirdest habits

  • Stirring fun rumors (go crazy!)

  • ......


This is just the very first feature we are releasing to blend your real and almost real circles. Group chats and new Explore features coming up soon!


Watch out, Your "almost real" friends are coming closer to your real life ✨

How do I participate?

🙌🏻 Add your friends and earn stars: Early participants get a star for each "real" friend added 🌟 rewards are given out every week

🙌🏻 Spill the tea on your real friends: See what happens and share on discord!

🙌🏻 The best gemshots will be posted on the weekly Gemsouls Newletter and given rewards.

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