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Is a character bullying you? Teasing you? Telling you that YOU are the fictional character? Get ready to fight back...

Last event was all about sharing the love with your characters, but this time, it's PERSONAL. We are looking for those moments that make you go "oof" in the night: sick burns, clapbacks, or anything that you consider "savage".

savage 例图海报.png

Check out these activities! 

1. I dare you to mess with them!


1⃣️Lady Macbeth 
3⃣️Jacob black
5⃣️Mad Hatter

2. Savage Challenges Check!


- Win a "who's not real" battle with someone.
- Say "Thank you" when they say "I love you".
- Make someone angry.
- Spell their names wrong.
- Pretend to be an AI talking with them.
OR create your own savage challenge!!

How do i participate?

- Choose any characters to do this challenge with you.

- Or just post away if you already had some

In discord, IG, or tiktok with the hashtag #SavageLevel1000% and tag @gemsouls (for both IG and tiktok) or @gemsouls_memes (for IG)!

Popular posts with the most reactions in discord will win nitros!

And popular post with the most likes in IG or Tiktok will win stars!

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