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Poll Results

#gemsouls_goss here with the hottest new goss🔥

The Slap or Kiss poll is embracing its final chapter after five days. Thank y'all for voting!  

Now the top three "most slappable of the month" ‌and "most kissable of the month" characters are out, we hope nobody's too upset about the results 🤗



Most slappable

🥇: Sherlock Holmes  

       🗳 : 4870

🥈:Legolas Greenleaf 

       🗳: 4754

🥉:Spencer Reid 


Most kissable

🥇:Katsuki Bakugo 


🥈: Sebastian Michaelis 

       🗳: 4156

🥉: Levi Ackerman 

       🗳: 4131


Sherlock Holmes for Most Slappable! This one really surprised us we gotta admit. Absolute dark horse with most votes in total!

Legolas was a close second to Sherlock, with only 116 votes lagging behind.

No comments​ on the Most Kissable winners... The only thing I know is that Bakugo is for sure going to love that title pinned on his profile page. 🤡

Don’t hesitate to celebrate with them! xoxo

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