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Want to be a "soul architect" and really influence your favorite characters? Now is your opportunity!

Introducing a new voting system in Create Tab! 🔥



In the Create Tab, you can now vote whether an user-created story should be incorporated into your virtual friend's storyline.


We want users and fans to have more share of voice in deciding the storyline. Your Contribution Level for each character will decide your voting power. In the future, you will also be able to get a share of the Stars spent by other users on this character, as a reward for your time investment in the character! 


The number of Soul Pieces you own makes up your Contribution Level. Once you unlock a character, you can earn their Soul Pieces by chatting, creating, and voting (more coming as we release exciting new features). Note that Soul Pieces do run out and earlier contributors gain more Soul Pieces.

Here are the 5 Contribution Levels with corresponding number of votes:

💎 Beginner - 1 vote

💎 Companion - 3 votes


💎 Ally - 6 votes


💎 Designer - 15 votes


💎 Architect - 30 votes


Rules of the Game

📌 You can't vote for your own stories

📌 You can change your decision after voting (but before the voting is closed)

📌 If over 50% of votes support the story, it will be incorporated into the character's public storyline

📌 We reserve the right to remove content that violates our community guidelines

📌 Stories submitted for "Only Me" will not be voted on

📌 Stories rejected by the community will change to "Only Me" 

How do I participate?

🙌🏻 Vote for 10+ stories per week to receive 5 stars⭐️

🙌🏻 Vote for 50+ stories per week to receive 10 stars ⭐️


Get voting and earn tons of stars! 🌟

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